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Care management made smarter.

A cloud-based and on-premises clinic management software delivering measurable financial and clinical results. Focus on delivering care while we take care of the paperwork.


For avid travelers, finding the right shoe has always been a constant struggle. With Solos, now you only have to pack one pair, the pair on your feet. Designed to withstand hiking, water sports and running, Solos also fits a business casual night out in town.

brand identity

Mabbly refined Safe Rate’s brand by articulating a positioning statement that was simple, honest, and direct—just like Safe Rate. Mabbly created a brand story, purpose, and personality supported by user-centered value propositions. The brand story was followed by the development of key messaging and visuals to communicate clearly, and define the voice and tone to ensure brand consistency. Finally, Mabbly designed the logo, color palette, typography, and custom illustrations crafting a visual identity that was confident and calming, smart yet approachable. All in all, the branding Mabbly created positioned Safe Rate as a win-win-win for buyers, lenders, and their respective communities.

What would a digital experience be without some beautifully crafted responsiveness?

What would a digital experience be without some beautifully crafted responsiveness?

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digital strategy

To help the market understand their product and mission, Safe Rate needed an engaging and intuitive website that accommodated multiple audiences with varied needs: buyers, lenders, investors, and realtors. Discovering that first-time home buyers often struggle to find the right information during the home-buying process, Mabbly developed a keyword-driven blog strategy and created regular blog articles to drive the brand’s visibility.

Smart scheduling that connects leads and prospects with the right people in your team.

Never ask “what time works for you?” again.

Say goodbye to phone tag. With your customized scheduling page, clients can easily view your real-time availability and self-schedule their own appointments.