Web Development

Web Development.

We are a boutique web development company in Nairobi. Our mobile-design first, device-agnostic development approach ensures all of our web solutions are optimized to meet dynamic user needs for the future.

Web Development

Web developers you will love working with.

Are you looking for a friendly, expert web development company? Then look no further, our team of developers strives hard to offer an unparalleled user experience to all of our esteemed clientele.

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Care Management Made Smarter

Milele health

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Good shoes take you good places


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Fostering unity and virtues.​


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Connecting landlords & tenants.​


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Turn ideas into reality.​


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Ship products from US Stores.


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A society for people with disabilities.​


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Because mental health matters.​


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Digital transformation consulting.​


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Without law men are beasts.​


Web Development

Our platform agnostic approach.

What does it mean when we say a platform-agnostic approach? We want to deliver a platform that meets every business need. We don’t want to just push you into any technology. We evaluate the scale, security requirements, backend integrations, APIs needed and give you recommendations, with pluses and minuses for each platform, so you understand each platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Custom Frameworks

Looking for something completely custom? Look no further to the current explosive web framework built on React packed with Analytics, SEO Support, and unlimited Development/Creative customization.

WordPress Development

Need a website that can help you leverage the power of SEO to attract prospects? Then we're your dream team. Our web developers are well experienced in PHP, HTML 5, CSS, and more. We can quickly build you a responsive and keyword-optimized website that can help you touch base with your prospects and existing customers.

Wix & Squarespace

We work with companies with various levels of technical web maintenance knowledge. If your team prefers simple-to-use websites that can easily be operated and managed, then our Wix web development and Squarespace website development services will be of enormous value.


Gear up for an impactful e-commerce journey.

Online storefronts for single transactions, recurring subscriptions, exclusive memberships, and more—designed to facilitate conversion-optimized, user-friendly shopping experiences that reinforce your brand values.

Your e-commerce store is your gateway to profitability. Partner with us for a stunning, responsive, and easy-to-use e-commerce store. Our web developers can design & work on:

  • Robust Search and Product Features
  • Checkout & Credit Card Processing
  • ERP / Amazon / eBay / Marketplace Integrations
  • Product & Data Imports
  • SEO Friendly Environment
  • From Homepage to Checkout, Fast!
  • ADA Compliance

And more ….

WooCommerce Development

Create an interactive and intuitive WordPress website that your site visitors will really enjoy, with the help of our Woo Commerce web design & development service. We integrate numerous widgets and plugins that can help you generate leads, engage visitors, and leverage the power of analytics.

Next.js Commerce

Looking for the fastest complex out-of-the-box custom eCommerce storefront? Next.js has you covered with Analytics, Internationalization, Image Optimization, Fast refresh, Custom API routes with a structure that stays fast and organized as your store grows.

BigCommerce Development

Have very specific requirements for your web store? If yes, choose us for Big commerce web development. With extremely powerful plugins and integrations, you can set the stage for an amazing customer journey. Its minimal coding needs ensure that you don’t struggle with maintaining the store as time passes.

Shopify Development

Launch a brand new Shopify store and see a visible increase in site visits and purchases. Our Shopify web development services are designed to help you maximize your reach and functionality. Display your products in the best light and create a hassle-free purchase experience.

web development process

Tailored web development process to fit your needs.

Our web development process follows a hybrid development approach, where we build the MVP using a Waterfall methodology, and then add new features and improvements in Agile sprints, to ensure we are working efficiently and hitting our delivery dates.

Every build is assigned a dedicated technical Project Manager, who will support your equally dedicated Account Director in efficiently managing work quality, time, and budget.

1. Discovery

This is usually the first stage of our development process. Here we gather all the necessary details about your company, its target market, challenges, expected end goals, and more. It is a very crucial stage as it lays a strong foundation.

2. Analysis

Before we define any approach, we need to define the ultimate development stack that your project will need to achieve its overall goal. Our technology team provides a full analysis of site content, traffic, security requirements, and delivers a full description of proper platforms and APIs needed to achieve these goals within budget allocations.

3. System's Architecture

In this stage, we focus on organizing the overall structure and behavior of all the components, APIs, servers, databases, distribution, and security systems to a workable plan. From a front-end aspect, our technology team works closely with our UX team to ensure technical functionalities are defined, all pieces fit together perfectly; creating a larger picture of how items relate with each other within the system.

4. User Experience

We’re an end-to-end website development company, so we are more than capable of handling your digital strategy, information architecture, website design, and content creation. We begin planning early for the features we know the site will need so that we can scope development appropriately. And we architect and design the website with an understanding of the unique capabilities of the platform the site will be built on.

5. Front- and Back-End Development

Our development teams are fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. With our range of partnerships, we have the expertise – including many certifications – for a wide variety of CMS options.

6. Quality Assurance

Before we launch any project, we will assess how optimized it is, how easy to use it is for clients, whether its code is valid. We also ensure that it gives you value for your money and passes our high-quality assurance standards for all your development needs.

7. Launch & Optimization

If everything passes our rigorous quality assurance development process, we then proceed to launch. We train your staff on using it, begin marketing plan execution and start analyzing its results to see its progress. And unlike other companies, we do not just leave you after launch. We proceed to monitor, analyze and report on your project's progress in order to ensure its performance at peak level.

8. Maintenance

After launch we stick around, continue to monitor your site for browser issues, speed tests, security issues and also template optimizations. We want to collect data, test and optimize your new templates to ensure they are working and converting. Ensuring your site is in tip-top shape and working hard for your business.

“As we move further into a fast-paced, more mobile-centric approach to content consumption, we strive to maintain a level of experience and usability that remains interesting and immersive for the users. There’s a fine balance between streamlined content and unique engagement, which we handle very well.”
CMO, AxeDigital

Gaurav Varvani

CEO - Song Life

Always a pleasure to work with AxeDigital. I have great respect for their creative opinion and I really enjoy growing my business alongside their talented team.

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why axedigital?

Everything Developed Exclusively in Nairobi.

We believe direct collaboration with our clients is essential to bringing unique and engaging experiences to life. We help our clients solve business problems, increase visibility and achieve unexpected results. That is why we believe all of our development must be done here in Nairobi, nothing is ever outsourced.

Stay up to date on all that is technology, and what’s happening in all of our digital endeavors.

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